I do photography project.
in the name of '歩・WALK YOUR OWN WAY'

Hope it inspires you : 歩・WALK YOUR OWN WAY

My name is Panpawarin W. (PAN)
I'm a dreamer from Thailand. (A Full-Time Backpacker)
I'm a beginning photography.
5 things in my life : 
Dream, Photography, Backpacking, Cats and Family.

I'm creating my dream,
and I know I am no one,
but I would like to do something to
inspire and encourage other people
to get up and follow their dream with me.

Let's follow my dream and I'll show you, I can do it.
Let's follow your dream, do it together, and done it together.

"Take a deep breath and step outside.
Do what you want, and what you love"
-simple of pan-

Instagram : simpleofpan
          : sithealife
Flickr :
E-mail :

Thanks for visiting my dream.
Thanks for visiting my gallery.
Thanks for visiting my blog.
Thank you so much.

パンの シンプル・ライフ。

One thought on “PANPAWARIN

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