LET’S RUN : 歩 · WALK YOUR OWN WAY – 15 Oct 2015

CONCEPT : Running
TITLE : Let's Run

P.S. I'm also a dreamer like you.
I have nothing like you or less than you,
but I'm trying hard.
Let's try together, done it together.
- simple of pan -

For more information : 歩・WALK YOUR OWN WAY

WALK YOUR OWN WAY on 15 Oct 2015

"Running to practice your dream"
- simple of pan-

Let's run
                                 - Let's run -

I don't like exercise.
I had tried but It can't be my routine.
The day, I was planning for this post,
I had no more idea.
So, I went outdoor and started running.
It's so tired and I would like to stop.
But then, I though
"It's only 30 minutes, if you stop now
how about your dream? It takes a longer time.
This is only 30 minutes"

So, I found something special about running.
It's like you're practicing for your dream.
Practicing to tell yourself, 'you can do it'
It's so tired,
but It's not on a par with the way to your dream.

If you don't like exercise like me,
let's try to run outside
only few minutes a day or only once a week
and tell yourself that 'I can do it'
to practice our dream together.
Or maybe you'll find something more special, who knows?

For me I'm going to run for a few minutes also.


パンの シンプル・ライフ。


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