SMALL STEP : 歩 · WALK YOUR OWN WAY – 10 Oct 2015

CONCEPT : Start small
TITLE : Small step

P.S. I'm also a dreamer like you.
I have nothing like you or less than you,
but I'm trying hard.
Let's try together, done it together.
- simple of pan -

For more information : 歩・WALK YOUR OWN WAY

WALK YOUR OWN WAY on 10 Oct 2015

"Start doing something small,
and accumulated to the big one."
- simple of pan -

Small step
                               - SMALL STEP -

Even if human is small and nature is big,
but everything big starts small.
All trees had been seeding.
All humans had been baby.
Before we walked, everybody starts small step.
We learnt how to walk. We walked, walked and walked.
We had never counted, how many step before we walk strong.
It's just like our dream, start small step,
start doing something small.
Learn it, practice it, and learn and practice over and over again.
And do another small thing and another.
It's going to accumulate and become big one.

'Step out of our box and done our big dream together.'


パンの シンプル・ライフ。

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